25 Years Experience Success

2017 is an exceptional year for Ellex Klavins and Ellex Valiunas – the 25th anniversary of their existence. Today they are the largest law firms in Latvia and Lithuania belonging to the leading pan-Baltic group of law firms, Ellex.

Ellex Klavins and Ellex Valiunas have participated in many precedent cases shaping legal practices important for the Latvian and Lithuanian states and business. “Twenty five years is a significant benchmark for us to look back at the work done and goals achieved that have set good examples for many members of the legal community. During this period we have elaborated the values we rely on today in the relationship with our clients, colleagues and social partners,” says Rolandas Valiūnas, managing partner of Ellex Valiunas. ‘’The anniversary year coincides with several new and exciting developments within our firm, in particular the merger which we just completed in Latvia which adds a new pool of talent to our already extraordinary team. We are looking forward to being leaders in the further development of the Baltic legal market in the coming years.’’, adds Filips Klavins, managing partner of Ellex Klavins.

The history of both law firms is rich; it features the attraction of first foreign investors, representation of clients in privatisation processes of national significance, major acquisitions and mergers, putting forward and implementation of various social initiatives, and other important events in the sphere of business law. Ellex Klavins and Ellex Valiunas raised a number of leaders who laid up the foundations of their career in the firm and now contribute to promoting the name of Latvia and Lithuania abroad or ensuring its growth by working in home countries.

Over the span of 25 years we have seen and undergone many changes, but we preserved fundamental values that have become our DNA: aspirations to create a more attractive environment for the growth of business and make our countries a better place to live in and be an employer who nurtures future leaders and inspires everyone to seek more.