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Ellex Valiunas has longstanding experience in handling competition issues at both the EU and national levels. Our firm operates in many industries that are regulated or have been deregulated in recent decades. We regularly advise clients on antitrust issues, help companies manage the competition risks associated with doing business in the EU, and provide representation across the main regulatory fields governed by EU law as well as in a number of regulatory areas.
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Key projects in the field

Our firm represented the Republic of Lithuania and its state-controlled company in disputes with Gazprom
Lithuania filed a claim to the European Commission against Gazprom in 2011. The claim was related to possible abuse of dominant position by the Russian gas supplier by application of unfair and discriminatory prices. At the same time Lietuvos energijos gamyba, the Lithuanian producer of electricity, submitted a claim to the Lithuanian Competition Council for infringement of commitments assumed by Gazprom at the time of acquisition of control over the Lithuanian gas operator. The Lithuanian Competition Council concluded that commitments indeed had been infringed by Gazprom by impeding acquisition of gas from Western EU states on the basis of gas-swap agreements and imposed a fine of 35.62 million euros. The case in the European Commission meanwhile developed into broad investigation, tackling a number of issues across CEE region. Irrespectively of its outcome it will be of high importance for the whole economy of the EU. In addition to its economic implications and sizable scope, the investigation involves complex economic and legal issues.
Our firm prepared the claims and represented the Republic of Lithuania and Lietuvos energijos gamyba at the European Commission and the Lithuanian Competition Council in the aforementioned disputes with Gazprom.
Our expert was chosen to lead a team in an EU financed IPA project in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The project was aimed at transposition of the EU electricity legislation to the legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another aim was its effective implementation towards the opening of the electricity market in this country. The work of the team covered preparation and consideration of proposals for all level electricity legislation, unbundling of the system operators, strengthening of the regulatory authority, organisation of the sector activities, cross-border exchanges, security of supply, international cooperation, and other relevant issues in the sector.
Our firm's senior associate acted as the EU appointed team leader. The team consisted of energy law and engineering experts from Belgium, BiH, Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia. Our firm’s experts prepared drafts and proposals for all level electricity legislation and coordinated them with the respective authorities and reported to the European Union along with the Energy Community Secretariat.
The project was the first and so far the only IPA project in the European Community which was both on-time and duly implemented.
Our experts advised European Commission on legal aspects of energy, mobility and transport policies
Our team together with other consultants were working in a group of experts who provided European Commission with legal, economic and technical assistance in the field of energy. The services provided by this group were related to European Commission tender for “Multiple framework contract for the provision of services of legal, economical and technical assistance in the field of energy and mobility and transport policies”.