Conflict Prevention Centre

Last year, over 50,000 cases arising from contractual legal relations were referred to the courts of first instance in Lithuania. More than 20 percent of these disputes inevitably move to higher instance courts and last, on average, a year and a half or even more. Thus, dispute resolution in court always requires significant time and financial costs.
An analysis of Ellex Valiunas' team of lawyers with many years of experience shows that more than 30 percent of all disputes referred to courts could be settled out of court.
Our experience in different industries and international conflict management skills allow us to prevent disputes, and if they inevitably arise, we use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as informal conciliation and mediation. They guarantee the fastest and most effective result.
At Ellex Valiunas Conflict Prevention Centre, we have mobilised the highest levels of expertise to help you deal with emerging business challenges effectively at the earliest possible stage of a dispute, in accordance with all legally regulated instruments and avoiding litigation.
• Your time and financial resources are saved
• Peaceful settlement in good faith is reached with the business partners involved in the dispute
• Business leaders are not distracted from direct work
• Lengthy and complicated enforcement process, when you turn to bailiffs in the event of a conflict, is avoided.
We offer a unique opportunity in Lithuania to help clients avoid or effectively resolve disputes in lease, trade, construction, employment, IT and other areas.
Depending on the needs of each individual client, we perform the necessary due diligence and audits of business to identify potential dispute-related risks.

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