Decisions required for business in the Covid-19 situation inevitably involve legal regulation and risks. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive analysis of the decisions of the Lithuanian government and EU institutions, considering the influence of changing legal acts and developments in individual sectors.
Timely decisions today have a guarantee of longevity. The largest team of lawyers in Lithuania is ready to give you this guarantee.
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Contract law

In this period, fulfillment of contractual obligations is one of the most frequently arising challenges for business. As COVID-19 could not be foreseen, many tend to regard it as a force majeure circumstance. However, this may not necessarily be the case for your business and contract situation. You should consult.
Relevant insights by Ellex Valiunas: 
Dr. Egidijus Baranauskas


We have long-standing experience in matters and disputes arising from collective and traditional employment relations. We provide professional consultation, advice and representation services to national and international clients. In the COVID-19 situation, labor law is a major challenge for businesses that, despite the effects of the crisis, have a responsible approach to the jobs created. We are ready to pool competencies and expertise so that the employer responsibility interacts with responsibility of the state.
Ramūnas Petravičius

Corporate law

We advise our clients on corporate governance, compliance and liability issues every day, thus we have gained the trust of our clients in addressing issues such as business structuring and restructuring, strategic change, new directions of business and crisis management. 
If your business needs structural changes in the COVID-19 situation and you are looking for the best solutions, we invite you to consult with corporate law experts at Ellex Valiunas.
Paulius Gruodis

State aid

In the COVID-19 situation, state aid comes as a rescue for business. Support schemes and eligible business entities have already been identified to a large extent. To act professionally is essential in order to make the most of the state aid and, at the same time, not to breach the legal provisions governing the state aid. The lawyers at Ellex Valiunas are ready to promptly evaluate your business opportunities to apply for the state aid and take the necessary steps to ensure the lawfulness of the support received.  
Dr. Karolis Kačerauskas
Ieva Dosinaitė


In Lithuania, due to the quarantine and its impact on business, different tax changes were foreseen for businesses. Deadlines for payment of taxes and for filing of documents were changed, and more and more reservations emerge that focus on retaining businesses in the face of the crisis. We are ready to perform tax due diligence of your company and help you control and manage your tax burden in the long term.  
Gintaras Balčius

Dispute resolution

With over 20 years of dispute resolution experience, we have gained the trust of the most successful national and international companies. We have the best-ranked team in the market with the highest level of combined expertise and competence, even in unprecedented litigation. COVID-19 is already triggering disputes; therefore, we have formed teams of experts with the appropriate experience and skills to help clients handle significant legal, commercial and reputational risks related to regulatory and financial crime issues.
Relevant insights by Ellex Valiunas: 
Giedrė Aukštuolienė

Data protection

The pandemic, which is rapidly spreading among people, poses new challenges related to personal privacy and data protection. The data protection team at Ellex Valiunas looks at the challenges from a practical point of view in order to offer their clients not only specific actions that need to be taken now, but also steps how to ensure data protection requirements in their activities in the future.
Miglė Petkevičienė
Associate Partner

Public procurement

COVID-19 has a highly significant impact on the public procurement law. The initiated amendments to the Law on Public Procurement have liberalized the established procurement rules and have allowed contracting authorities to deal more flexibly with the situations where goods or services need to be purchased in exceptional and extremely urgent cases.
We advise both contracting authorities and businesses. Therefore, we can communicate freely on both sides and strike the right balance between public and business interests. We also advise state institutions that lack their own resources on how to properly structure project financing, assess risks or oversee and monitor the implementation of public projects.
Dr. Karolis Kačerauskas